Long Pipette Tips
For scientists who conduct research using long pipette tips, there are several factors to consider. Pipettes are commonly used in laboratories, and their use spans a wide range of scientific applications. To ensure quality, regulatory bodies have set high standards for pipettes. To achieve this, man...
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Eliminate False Positive ELISA Results
While the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases requires an accurate determination of antibodies to the autologous or environmental antigens, the test can produce a false positive result when an unrelated antibody reacts with an antigen. The two types of false positive reactions can be caused by a number...
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False Positive Strep Throat Test
A rapid strep test has a high sensitivity and specificity, which can result in a false positive or false negative result. The results are usually accurate within 90 percent, which makes a negative result a common occurrence. The high sensitivity can cause a false negative, however. The problem is th...
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The Basics of a Lateral Flow Assay Strip
A lateral flow strip assay is an easy and convenient way to analyze a sample's permeability. The strips are made of overlapping membranes, and the liquid sample moves without external forces. It is then passed through different zones containing molecules that interact with the analyte. The typical l...
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Pimoroni 32x24 pixel Thermal Camera Breakout Board
If you're looking for a thermal camera that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, consider the Pimoroni 32x24 pixel breakout. It is a good-quality and reasonably priced thermal camera for Raspberry Pi or Arduino. This breakout is I2C compatible and uses a 3-6V power supply, which is a nice feature. It also...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Genomic DNA Extraction
Genomic DNA extraction is an essential part of molecular biology and forensic analysis. It was first isolated in the year 1869 by Friedrich Miescher. Since then, it has become a routine procedure. Here are some important tips for this extraction process. Read on to learn more. In this article, we wi...
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Advantages of Molecular Transport Media
Molecular transport media is an important component of the diagnostic workflow. These products have many advantages over generic alternatives and are essential to a successful experiment. PrimeStore MTM is an FDA-cleared device that is widely used in pathogenic sample transportation. The PrimeStore ...
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An Elisa Process For The Analysis Of Dengue Infections
Analysis of the discordant results between the two exams revealed that the interpretation by the IgM-IgG ratio agreed higher with HI classifications practised by some investigators than it did with the WHO. Samples examined and confirmed by business kit) was used for evaluation of the kit. Dengue is...
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How to improve Pcr?
Thus, elevated concentrations of CRP in a pattern consists of an quantity of 200 μg/mL or higher. In some embodiments, the pattern is obtained from a supply, together with an environmental or biological supply. In some embodiments, the pattern is suspected of getting one or more analytes of interes...
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Measuring The Efficiency Of Lateral Flow Assays
Purity of the GST-T24H fusion protein was analyzed using CBB-stained SDS-PAGE. The main a half of the purified material is full length GST-T24H 34 kDa fusion protein ; the less plentiful smaller bands indicate some degradation of the C-terminus of the T24H. The presence of the 10 kDa T24H fragment w...
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